Marc Aronson's SLJ Blog and Pete Seeger Proposal

I'm trying something really cool with Marc Aronson on his School Library Journal blog, Nonfiction Matters. He's invited me to share my process of putting together a picture book bio. on Pete Seeger on his blog. Check out what we've done so far on Marc's blog -- we're hoping people will comment and ask questions about the process as we go along.

Basically, we think non-fiction is really fantastic and doesn't get the kind of shout-outs it deserves and we want to roar out a few good stories about what we do in the hopes of exciting people.

I'm writing the book with my editor, Jill Davis. Once we decided on the project, I had to give her a proposal so she could sell her publisher at Bloomsbury on the idea. My job was to make the book sound so enticing, the publisher would be drooling to get it. Here's the proposal I sent Jill, hoping it would help her with her pitch.