Pete Seeger's favorite song. What's making YOUR socks roll up and down?

A few posts ago I said the favorite of my books is the one I'm working on. Here's how Pete Seeger answered the question when asked what his favorite song is: "the one I'm singing." He did go on to say... "But I find myself as an old man singing "Turn, Turn, Turn" more often than I ever did because it does have so many meanings for me." (Full Beliefnet interview)

Getting a theme going here. Photograph, book, song, whatever you feel passionate about right this moment can be absolutely, totally your favorite. Till the next one.

What art or photos or books or craft-y projects are you making that are filling you up with joy and exuberance and middle-of-the-night panic at the challenge?

I'm working on: "Fit Pete Seeger's amazing and interesting and controversial life into 32 to 40 pages, and don't forget to leave room for the pictures."