Dorothea Lange at SF Library

Just back from doing the presentation at the SF library with my dad and sister. We had a blast. We had a great audience who turned out even in the cold drizzly weather. They were very enthusiastic. Meg showed her film on Dorothea, and then Meg, Ron and I did Q&A for about 30 minutes. Questions were pretty wide-ranging which was fun. Here's my dad and my sister Meg.

Before the presentation we went up to the 6th floor of the San Francisco Public Library to look at Dorothea's photos of Steep Ravine. They were presented beautifully -- in big cases at waist level. I really enjoyed looking at them like that. I had seen the show before at the Marin County Historical Society where it was up on the walls. For some reason, this gave me a different appreciation of them. They are beautiful portraits. If you go to the exhibit look for me -- I'm the skinny girl with long braids running around in a couple of the photos.

It reminded me how much I love that part of the world, poised between the cliffs and the sky and the vast ocean. The cabins are rentable for something like $30 night. Here's a recent article in Via Magazine about the area, and how to rent the cabins.