Jon Scieszka, literature ambassador

Children's Bookshelf has run a letter from Ambassador Scieszka. That would be Jon Scieszka, who writes books for kids (Stinky Cheese Man, Math Curse, True Story of the Three Little Pigs). He's hysterically funny and irreverent. Silly. Ingenious. Twisted. There's lots of interesting words to describe him.

He goes after kids who are having a hard time with reading. Especially boys. He's been appointed literature ambassador of children's books by the Library of Congress, and he's off to a flying start. You can read the whole letter, or here's a taste:

"But the best, the absolute best tribute so far was my reception at the La Jolla Country Day School. The room was packed with 200 pre-K through first graders. As I entered, they presented me with a red satin Ambassador sash, and the fifth/sixth grade music class played an original composition, "Ambassador Fanfare," on kettle drums, trombone, trumpet, and xylophone.

I liked it so much that I went out and came in three more times. And Dave Shannon was with me, so I had them play it for him as Vice-Ambassador—only half of it, and twice as fast."
Buried under all the humor is this:

"I'm also working on a plan to promote the best of every publisher's list for Reluctant Readers, deputizing teachers, librarians, booksellers, parents, kids, and anybody who's found a book that works. Details to be released soon."

There's a great interview with Scieszka on NPR.

And extra points if you can spell his name wtihout looking.