ADHD and good Feng Shui in my writing space

Ever since I heard of the label, ADHD -- Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder -- I thought it probably described me pretty well. I come from a family full of people who can't say the alphabet from A to Z, can't remember appointments, can't sit still, but are full of genius ideas about how to take photographs or put together scanning tunneling electronic microscopes. We've got a couple math geniuses and a few who can't add simple numbers. Spelling in my family is totally random.

Wonder about yourself? check out this easy self administered test with a few simple questions. I scored really, really well.

And then there is my son who never went to class as an undergrad, but preferred to just do the reading and show up for exams. And why didn't he go to class? "The professors talk too slow." Actually, honey, it's that your mind is going too fast.

The good thing about being ADHD is that it frees your mind to run in really interesting directions. The tough part is putting it all together in a logical way.

Fortunately, I have an awesome, amazing friend, Sydney, who loves good Feng Shui. She is determined to help me in my kinetic quest to get my writing done by helping me set up a comfortable, efficient work space. Syd's into clean, non-cluttered desk space and just had some brain waves about how to redo my office. I wish I had a "before" picture so you could see how totally different it looks. but... AH. New space.