Purple mountains majesties

Last week my sister Meg and I drove north to visit our other sister, Joan, and her husband, Bernard. They live at the very top of California in a gorgeous valley where people mainly grow alfalfa and raise cattle. The cowboys drive either really big, fancy trucks, or old beaters. Joan and Bernard run a little cafe there and one night while we were there the Cowboy Christians met. They came in, young and old, the women bearing trays of brownies and other treats, the men stopping to put their hats on one of the round cafe tables, upside-down. Then they all sat in a big semi-circle and shared their stories about Jesus in their lives.

I wanted to take a photo of that table covered with cowboy hats, the beautiful round circles made by the inside of the headbands and then the wide brims, touching, and behind the table all the people in the circle. I didn't want to disturb them though, so you'll just have to imagine it.

And in the mornings and the evenings, the hills were purple and, yes, way majestic. I have a heart full of the tender, earnest people there, and beauty of this amazing country.

Big thanks to my sister Meg for the photos.