Speaking at SCBWI and CLC

Yesterday I had the amazing experience of speaking at two different conferences, both on biography, both in LA, not far from one another.

First up was Children's Literature Council of Southern California, to a group of mostly-librarians. Diane Stanley, who both illustrates and writes her books, was the first speaker. She was incredible. The details she puts in her work are amazing. Susan Goldman Rubin followed Diane. As she explained, her biographies stem from her two interests, Judaism, and creative, artistic people. Both incredible women, wonderful speakers. I went third, and somehow our total was more than the sum of our parts.

I was camera-less, but Lisa Yee, who is always a blast to be around, took great photos, and had her famous little yellow bunny, Peepy, enjoying the conference and making mischief. You can even catch a picture of Peepy peeking out from behind my head on Lisa's funny and touching blog.

A big shout-out to all the organizers of the conference, especially Pamela Greene, Helen Boomer, and Laurie Reese, who moderated.

Then I drove over to SBWI Southern California's conference (miraculously not getting lost) and did a presentation on biography for writers. More focus on how-tos, and who-does-what and what-I-learned-the-hard-way. Another terrific audience, despite the wilting heat. Stupendous organizing, especially by Claudia Harrington (so mellow and grounded) and Edie Pagliasotti (enough love and hugs to make the world go round.)