How is Writing a Book Like Falling In Love?

Every writer I know does completely unique work. But the weird part is... the process is so similar. In my on-line reading/writing/illustrating group, we've been having a good round of dark humor over the fickleness of the muse -- when this angelic creature doesn't hover over us, glitter and inspiration drifting down from her gently beating wings, we get pissed off. We get whiney, annoyed, demanding. We want to drag her out of the sky, sit her down (hard) and force her to dictate! her! inspiring! words! I'm betting we aren't the easiest people to live with when we're in muse-strangling mode.

Here's Libba Bray, with her totally unique take on the oh-so-painfully-similar process writers go through. It'll either give you shivers of recognition, or make you laugh so hard you snort coffee up your nose, like Editorial Ass. Or both.