Book Passage Kid Lit night

Had a wonderful time Monday night at Book Passage, where I had the privilege of being on a panel with Zilpha Keatley Snyder (Egypt Game, Headless Cupid, Witches of Worm), Gennifer Choldenko (Al Capone Does My Shirts, If a Tree Falls At Luch Period) and Christina Meldrum (Madapples).

Here's Christine, and Gennifer talking, with Zilpha seated.

Lissa Rovetch has put together an incredible once-a-month Kid Lit Salon. Her line-up of Kid-Lit stars is awesome! Check it out.

Here she is, chumming up the crowd. (Lissa is very funny and is responsible for getting all of us going).

We had one of those intense, informational, can't-stop-laughing evenings. The room was full of people in a cheery mood, and the energy just hit a high spot. Thanks to all.