California Historical Society and my chicken-y weekend

Got up early, early Sunday morning to take my dad over to Channel 4 to be on the morning news with Henry Tannenbaum. Henry has all kinds of interesting people on his show that he spotlights for 4 or 5 minutes who are doing art and culture things in the bay area. As you can see, Henry and Ron had a great time talking with each other. Wondering what that is on my dad's head? He fashioned homemade leather straps for all his glasses, so when he isn't wearing them on his face, he can push them up on top of his head. And all that hair? It's a beautiful soft golden red. And at 91 years old, as he says, if you've got it, flaunt it. He cuts it himself, btw, in the bathroom mirror with a pair of huge old steel scissors.

Ron has several photos up in a show at the California Historical Society, Hobos to Street People: Artists' Responses to Homelessness from the New Deal to the Present, runs through August 15. There's a panel this Thursday he'll be participating in from 6-8 pm: Photographers Documenting Homelessness from the New Deal to Today with Philip Adam, and Robert Terrell, moderated by Melanie Light. Come by if you can! It's going to be a really interesting evening.

The chicks are growing. They aren't just little fuzz balls anymore. They're getting real feathers. They are pretty mellow birds, luckily. i carry them around as much as possible on the theory that if they get used to human hands and smells, they'll be tamer adult chickens.

Tom and our son Felix spent a day working on the deluxe chicken palace. I'll post pictures soon. It even has a glass skylight! It is going up right next to the two huge greenhouses Felix and Sasha built. The chickens are going to live at Felix and Sasha's -- which is also my parents. My parents live in a huge old Berkeley house, with one of my sisters and her husband, and Felix and Sasha, who have a whole floor to themselves. And an enormous garden, surrounded by oak and redwood trees, where the chickens will be able to go out every day and scratch around.