Dancin' in the Streets and Photo Tribute to Legendary Civil Rights Workers

Yes, I am. Dancing. Not in the street, exactly, but around the house. While I'm cooking. While I'm taking far too long in the shower.  While I'm out in the garden, getting the rich, wet, rained-upon dirt turned over and ready for spring planting. All while I should be writing.

Marching for Freedom is a finalist for the Los Angeles Book Prize (scroll down to Young Adult Literature). I am in such great company. And most astonishing of all -- three of the five books are non-fiction. A majority. This is so amazing. My deep thanks to the judges, and my congratulations to my gang of five finalists.

Meanwhile, heating up over at School Library Journal, the second Battle of the Books has been announced. Elizabeth Bird has kicked off the contest with this hysterically funny (and informative!) video. Marching is up for contention!

And you know how crazy I am about the photos of Plaxton. Unbelievably beautiful, revealing portraits. Check out these images in the New Yorker of  the civil rights leaders of the sixties.  Thanks to librarian Nanette Bulebosh for the link.