United Nations International School visit, lovely shout-outs for Marching

I had a blast at the United Nations International School last week, invited by librarian Lisa Moore. Jim Hoover, the Viking designer I've done three books with, appeared with me and we tag-teamed the kids. For the K-2 group I talked about putting together a book, read one of my picture books, then with enthusiastic participation by the kids we wrote a story all together. Jim drew the pictures: fast, furious, and full of character. So much fun. Here are Jim's quick sketches:

Then Jim and I talked to third through fifth graders about putting together Marching for Freedom. We were in the library, with a great book display of my books. That's Lisa Moore in the upper left corner. Isn't that the most book-rich library you've seen in awhile? And in the middle of the kids coming and going and working at tables, Lisa is a calm center at her desk.
I explained how Martin Luther King and President Johnson worked together behind the scenes and got this question: "Was that president black or white?" The student was too young to have been dancing in the streets with the rest of us just over a year ago. Change does happen, in unexpected ways.

The third group, sixth through eight graders, were incredibly savvy. It was wonderful to talk to an international group of kids.

Good news: Marching for Freedom was featured in several book round-ups for Black History Month: USA Today, and The Washington Post. In addition to being on  Best Books for Young Adults and Notable Children's Books lists, Marching made the  International Reading Association 2010 Notable Books for a Global Society. Mitalia Perkins is also on the list for her new book, Secret Keepers, and has an excellent blog post on the award and the twenty-five books which got a shout-out. I'm honored to be in such great company!