LA Times Book Prize Ceremony

Friday night we gathered upstairs, then traipsed into the auditorium for the LA Times Book Prize ceremony, lead by the Times book editor, David Ulin. We got nervous, winning authors were announced one by one, short speeches were given. Marching For Freedom won for Young Adult Literature. I stood up and spoke. In the middle of naming the wonderful Selmians, who as children and young adults marched and were jailed and beaten and did it all again the next day, I was so filled with gratitude and tears and absolute overwhelm that I had to stop, take a couple of deep breaths, and finish in a rush.

Cecil Castellucci gave the greatest intro to the Young Adult Prize. She's an awesome, energetic, smart woman, with a deep love of children's literature.

After all the awards were announced, we all traipsed off to another room, where we ate and laughed and decompressed.

Here I am with my publisher, Regina Hayes. Are you catching on to my evening's look? The Deer-in-the-Headlights Look? That's still how I feel.