Who knew? Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum

One of the amazing things about speaking is going to new places and learning new/ historic things. I recently worked with teachers on visual literacy at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library, and gave a public talk on Dorothea Lange.

With Elizabeth Dinschel, Education Specialist at the Hoover. And yes, it is kind of bizarre to pose in front of Lange's famous image, White Angel Breadline. But irresistible.

What was amazing: the number of cool things I learned. I think my favorite was finding out about Lou Hoover, Herbert's wife.

 Lou Henry on a burro, age 17.

Lou Henry on a burro, age 17.

I'd like to time travel and go back and hang out with her. She graduated from Stanford in 1898, and the day after she married Herbert, they headed for Shanghai and mined silver on old, formerly played-out  mines. She learned to speak Chinese proficiently. Did some amazing refugee work during WWI... headed up the Girl Scouts, invited Jesse DePriest, a black woman, to the White House for  tea (big unroar ensued). I admire this woman.

And the Hoover Library has a number of letters by Laura Ingalls Wilder and her daughter Rose. Here's a photo of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her husband Alonzo.


And I loved this glimpse into Wilder's writing process: