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DogTag Summer




Tracy—or Tuyet—always knew she was different. The villagers in Vietnam scornfully called her con-lai, or “half-breed,”because her father was an American GI. Yet she’s not sure she fits in with her new family in California, either.

When Tracy finds a soldier’s dogtag hidden by her adoptive father (a Vietnam vet himself), she’s haunted by memories from her life in Vietnam: hiding from Vietcong soldiers, being dragged away from her village by a GI, the American Boss Man’s knife at her throat.

Tracy struggles to reconcile her harrowing memories of Vietnam with her life in California. Where is home when you’re a child of war, caught between two countries, two identities? When is love enough to carry you through what you’ve discovered about your past? About your father’s past?

Bloomsbury Children's Books


"This gripping yet tender coming-of-age story reveals multiple nuanced perspectives of the Vietnam War and its aftermath in the summer of 1980. Powerful historical fiction.” —Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“Partridge proves her keen understanding of young people and her ability to write engrossing fiction grounded in the history she usually illuminates in nonfiction. A strong yet gentle read.”—Kirkus Reviews

"Partridge also succeeds in incorporating solid historical research into a moving story, using the dogtag, symbol of a most unpopular war, as an instrument of catharsis.” —School Library Journal

"Creative and winsome... poignant coming-of-age into a story that resonates with pain and a hard-fought resolution.” —Booklist


California Young Reader Metal, 2015


 A Teacher's Guide  for Dogtag Summer  created by Pam B. Cole, Professor of English Education and Literacy, Kennesaw State University.

An interview with Elizabeth Partridge about Dogtag Summer.