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Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning


This beautiful volume celebrates one of the twentieth century's most important photographers, Dorothea Lange. Led off by an authoritative biographical essay by Elizabeth Partridge (Lange's goddaughter), the book goes on to showcase Lange's work in over a hundred glorious plates.

Dorothea Lange features images ranging from her iconic Depression-era photograph "Migrant Mother" to lesser-known images from her global travels later in life. Presented as the companion book to a PBS American Masters episode, this deluxe hardcover offers an intimate and unparalleled view into the life and work of one of our most cherished documentary photographers.

Chronicle Books, 2013


Though the book is out of print, here are some excerpts online on the American Masters website.

This book is a companion volume to the PBS/American Masters film, Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning.

Here's a terrific video interview with the director and cinematographer of the film, Dorothea Lange's granddaugher, Dyanna Taylor.


"Accompanied by an informative biographical essay by the pioneering photojournalist’s goddaughter, this book reminds us why Lange’s unvarnished images of the working poor and other marginalized communities have distinguished her as one of the most important chroniclers of American life in the early 20th century." Publisher's Weekly

"Although she may be known best for her stirring portraits of Depression-era life, photojournalist Dorothea Lange had a career that spanned decades and continents. This new book was carefully curated by her goddaughter, Elizabeth Partridge, and represents the most comprehensive collection of Lange's work to date." Reader's Digest

"In Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning, Lange's goddaughter Elizabeth Partridge, an accomplished and prolific author in her own right, presents a first-of-its-kind career-spanning monograph of the legendary photographer's work, placing her most famous and enduring photographs in a biographical context that adds new dimension to these iconic images." Brain Pickings


Here and Now interview with Meghan Chakrabarti, Dorothea Lange from her Goddaughter's Perspective,

Interview with Marcia Yerman at the Huffington Post

CNN wonderful slide show of images of Dorothea Lange's work

Short trailer for the companion film.

The story behind Dorothea Lange's famous photo of the the Migrant Mother taken during the Great Depression.