Elizabeth Partridge - Moon Glowing.jpg

Moon Glowing


The autumn leaves are twirling down. The squirrel is stashing, the bat swooping, the beaver building, and the big bear is feasting well. In this simple, rhythmic story, four quite different furry animals prepare resting places for the coming winter.

Spare prose marks the progress of each animal and the final, quiet beauty of the forest's first snowfall. Joan Paley's colorful, textured collage art, playful yet tender, captures the wonder of the unfolding autumn season and the arrival of the silent winter.

Illustrated by Joan Paley

Dutton Children's Books 2002 (Out of Print)


"In this gloriously illustrated, economically paced volume, autumn arrives in a swirl of orange leaves and a blast of icy wind that ripples the water. This lovely, understated entry doubles as an ideal introduction to hibernation and a languorous entrée to nighttime dreams." Publisher's Weekly

"With very few words per page, Partridge’s text creates a gentle rhythm... Lovely." Kirkus