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Oranges on Golden Mountain

"You are never alone. Your dream spirit, your Hun, will make sure of that," Jo Lee's mother tells him when she sends him across the ocean to fish with Fourth Uncle on Golden Mountain-California. Adjusting to the strange new land is not easy, but the orange branches he has brought from home and his Hun's nighttime travels remind Jo Lee of his roots and nourish his growth.

In this finely wrought story of one Chinese boy's transition to a new life in late-nineteenth-century California, Elizabeth Partridge captures the determination, family strength, and courage needed by all immigrants. Aki Sogabe's cut-paper illustrations, as rich in character and historical detail as the text, soar with drama, imagination, and-like Jo Lee's Hun-a deep desire to connect.

Illustrated by Aki Sogabe

Dutton Children's Books 2001 (Out of Print)


"The spirited story is beautifully written but subtle and esoteric, and young children may need an adult's help in puzzling out its mystical elements. The striking, skillful paper-cut illustrations, however, create a vivid sense of place and do much to explain and extend the story's action." Booklist

"Excellent for the classroom and a useful addition to any library." Kirkus

"Seamlessly constructed, the tale finds its match in Sogabe's eye-catching art. Her bold, confident lines and sophisticated shades combine the vigor of woodcuts with the delicacy of watercolor." Publisher's Weekly